IT Infrastructure

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IT Infrastructure
Company infrastructures are continually adapting to rapidly changing technological and business requirements. As a result, Information Technology infrastructures often operate in a less-than-ideal state.

Some of the challenges that exist in IT enviroments today include:

  • New technologies often bring higher densities of equipment, which can overload cooling systems, place heavy demands on power distribution systems, and create cabling nightmares.
  • Exponential growth in data generation and data retention creates an unprecedented need for increased storage capacity.
  • Inadequate levels of staffing often lead to poor planning and execution, which can cause organizations to lag behind rather than get ahead of the game.

ETI and its infrastructure assessment team will evaluate all facets of your infrastructure and storage systems, from the facility to the disk farm to the server, using a holistic approach. Then, we will help you create a plan to manage, without turmoil, your current infrastructure and future growth in capacity. We have put together a team that can provide you with a single source of infrastructure and storage assessment, planning, and remediation. Our experienced professionals can take you from the green field to the completed data center, providing you all the requirements for a successful IT implementation.