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Executive Technology | Working for Your Business

At Executive Technology, service excellence is an integral part of our
long-standing commitment to provide our client partners with cost
effective END-TO-END solutions.

Enterprise Consulting


ETI’s mature portfolio of enterprise consulting services is delivered by ETI LABS – one of the largest and most skilled teams of security professionals in the world. Since 2002, we have provided comprehensive information security solutions to more than 2,000 clients across all industry verticals. We take pride in curating the most brilliant security practitioners, consultants and researchers to provide solutions to the challenges you face.

Product Services

Executive Technology mature portfolio of product services is delivered by ETI LABS – one of the largest and most skilled teams of security professionals in the world. With our expertise, experience, business-minded approach and client-first culture you can rest easy knowing you have a solid foundation for your overall security program. Our efficient solutions and timely implementations help you achieve your security goals.

Managed Security

With each passing day, IT environments become more and more complex. Product manufacturers are constantly developing innovative offerings with new capabilities, and your IT and security needs likely continue to far outpace your IT and security budgets. The persistent rise in security threats, combined with limited internal security resources and the increase in regulatory compliance requirements, makes it essential for your organization to think strategically when prioritizing IT initiatives.


ETI’s training program is a comprehensive solution for clients who are seeking best-of-breed, practical training to keep staff on the leading edge of information security.


Many companies try to solve complex security problems by applying traditional security testing, methodologies and knowledge. Not so at ETI. When we evoke the term “research,” we mean that we’re pushing the envelope, and synthesizing new ideas and information. Since the best defense is a good offense, our research begins with uncovering new vulnerabilities and attacks. The value of knowing what attacks are possible and having the skills to prevent them enables ETI to protect our clients and the industry as a whole..